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24/7 Support: 123-456-7890


The community outreach ministry of Tabernacle of Restoration is the arm of the church that practices practical Christianity. The mission of the church is to be a church with a difference and not just a church in the community, but a church with the community that is making an impact, empowering and lifting up the least amongst us

The community outreach ministry of Tabernacle of Restoration is an essential component of the church’s commitment to practicing practical Christianity. Serving as an extended arm of the church, this ministry wholeheartedly embraces the mission of being a church with a difference. It strives not only to exist within the community but to actively engage and collaborate with the community, ultimately making a profound impact.

At the core of this ministry is a deep-rooted desire to empower and uplift those who are considered the least amongst us. Recognizing the inherent worth and dignity of every individual, regardless of their background, circumstances, or struggles, the community outreach ministry tirelessly works to ensure that no one is left behind.

Through a multitude of initiatives and programs, this ministry seeks to address the diverse needs and challenges faced by individuals within the community. It goes beyond providing mere assistance or temporary relief, aiming instead to create sustainable change and lasting transformation. By offering practical support, guidance, and resources, the ministry equips individuals with the tools they need to overcome obstacles, rebuild their lives, and unlock their full potential.

Moreover, the community outreach ministry of Tabernacle of Restoration firmly believes in the power of unity and collaboration. It actively seeks to build bridges and establish meaningful connections with various organizations, institutions, and individuals within the community. By fostering a spirit of inclusivity and cooperation, the ministry encourages collective efforts towards positive change, thus amplifying its impact and reaching even greater heights.

Through its unwavering dedication and tireless efforts, the community outreach ministry of Tabernacle of Restoration strives to be a beacon of hope, compassion, and love within the community. It endeavors to create a space where individuals feel valued, supported, and empowered, regardless of their circumstances. By embodying the teachings of Jesus Christ and living out the principles of practical Christianity, this ministry exemplifies what it truly means to be a church with the community. Amongst the activities of this ministry are the following:

  • Monthly grocery distribution to food insecure families and seniors
  • Annual community health and wellness fair
  • Home cleaning services to seniors and homebound patients
  • Benevolence to members in need of assistance
  • Supporting global evangelism and charity
  • Back to school supplies and distribution of personal care items
  • Breakfast with our Neighbors program
  • Thanksgiving outreach to spread to joy of Thanksgiving
  • Christmas program

Pastor Omusi is passionate about community outreach and his passion for selfless service to the community within and without serves as a clarion call and a constant inspiration to members of the congregation who volunteer to serve in this ministry. Volunteering in this ministry is the ultimate kingdom service, where we are meeting some of the needs of the people that we encounter in the most practical way and bringing the shalom of God to our community. This charitable and outreach work is a most fulfilling service and sacrifice to humanity, and as Christians, it goes beyond just saying God Bless you and it is well, to being compassionate, engaging, touching, feeling and giving what we have to help those that don’t have or don’t have enough. It is about touching lives in a way that matters.

Join us in making a difference! Become a part of Tabernacle of Restoration’s community outreach ministry and practice practical Christianity. We are not just a church in the community, but a church with the community, empowering and lifting up the least amongst us. Together, let’s make a lasting impact and create positive change. Take action now and be a part of our mission to be a church with a difference!

Volunteers are always welcome to join this kingdom ministry and donations of money, supplies and your time is encouraged. As we often repeat to ourselves, your money will provide for people and go places where you have not been or will go.

To donate or to share a word of encouragement, please call Bro Dapo at (646) 765 8504 or the church administrator at (718) 231 5299.

May God Bless you and remember your giving in your time of need, Amen!

Minister Dapo Adurogbola